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We value the pride and spirit of car wash owners the world over. We are in business because you are in business. Our goal is to continue to be responsive and adaptive to what owners want in a car wash dryer. With over 100 miles of wind speed, our dryers are flexible to your car wash application and specifications. Our product operates from only 1 enclosed single moving part.  Mount the motor(s)  and you are ready to dry! There are no other moving parts or pieces. That’s why we are known for “Simply Smart Drying Systems” and earned the tag line of “Your Car Wash Drying Experts”.  We are constantly engineering new solutions that are relevant to todays needs. We guarantee that delivery, installation and use of our dryers will be a pleasant experience.

*Fans are on a limited lifetime warranty absent any owner/operator negligence. .65 decibels is outside from single motor mount at 30 feet on Stealth Predator.

Car Wash Drying Experts

We are “The Car Wash Drying Experts”, let us help you make this experience a great one!

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Our experts are always available over the phone and through email making sure your needs are met. Whether you are inquiring about products or install we are here for you.

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We will go the extra mile to accommodate working hours that are convenient to our Client’s needs from our first contact.

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We don’t believe in the sales culture, but instead we believe in the service culture.

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