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We guarantee our fans for life.* Our stainless steel lets your dryer stand the test of time in all weather. In 2005 IDC became responsive to local noise standards and we  introduced “The Whisper.” At .84 decibels* It was the original quiet dryer. We continued to design & engineer and released our showcase Quiet dryer in 2018, the Stealth which give a reading of 65.10 dBA at 45 feet.  We are consistently working to lower sound and vibration and we invite you to compare the Stealth quiet dryer  to anything else on the market. You will hear the difference. Our 304 surgical grade stainless steel and patented low turbulence engineered design and (SAT) quiet smooth air technology can assure you we offer the highest quality and our systems will stand the test of time and offer you the most cost efficient solutions.

2023 Trade Shows

SECWA Roadshow 
Fort Lauderdale, FL

February 15-16  2023


Booth# 527
Fort Worth, TX
February 22-24 2023
Booth# 1959
Las Vegas, NV
May 8-10 2023