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The Stealth Predator is the world's first tested energy-efficient "Ultra-Quiet drying system.
Wet Environment Flash Dryers offer added performance in express washes and washes with limited drip space.
The Back Blasters are a perfect compliment to any existing drying system as it sends a powerful blast of air to dry those side panels and backs of vehicles that are often missed.
Things just got REAL QUIET. Introducing "The Stealth" when you need to make a Sound Decision. International Drying Corporation.
Our Whisper Drying System offers powerful yet sound reduced drying power for the safety of your employees and the comfort of your customers.
Our Stainless Steel & Molded Resin Series offers high powered drying with a sleek look and an economical price.
Our Illuminator drying system will light up your wash with flashing, fading, or static illuminated blower housings featuring heavy duty Stainless Steel motor housings and a contoured molded housing for a sleek affordable high powered dryer.
For the discerning operator who is looking for sleek open bay style, power and a system that will stand the test of time our Classic Stainless Steel system is for you. This system not only can generate more air than a 15HP centrifugal dryer using only 10HP motors, it will last you a lifetime! Constructed from 304 Surgical grade stainless Steel this system will never rust and will give you years of worry free drying.
For the operator that has a small amount of space for a drying system we created a system that generates almost 30,000 CFM using only 30HP and using 26” of floor space.
Economical yet Powerful Spyder Drying Systems are designed using fully welded reverse flow centrifugal high pressure drying technology.
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